Montpellier, very specific local products

The region is also notable because of its lavish associative community, focused on local products and conservation. Among the many institutions, several are affiliated with Agropolis International. SYAL is a Group of Scientific interest (GIS) on local agri-food systems. This organization is mandated to work in partnerships with local (individual as well as collective) actors to encourage small businesses, to work on geographical indications (GIs), norms and institutional plans for improved coordination and interaction between public authorities, scientists and individual/collective private initiatives regarding locally based agri-food systems. Other notable associations are Rural Land and Culture (Terroirs & Culture) and CARI (Center of International Actions and Achievements).

Finally, the region is distinguished for the production of a few special local products and production activities: truffle sylviculture, lavender, chestnuts, wine, Mediterranean livestock, olives, lagoon aquaculture of mussels and oysters, beekeeping, hard wheat, fruit tree cultivation, and the production of a wide range of medicinal plants for cosmetic purposes.