Montpellier, a scientific and educational crossroad

Montpellier was one of the very first Western European cities to establish a university, in the 13th Century, including the very old School of Medicine. Today, the “Centre Hospitalier Universitaire” of Montpellier remains one of the most important in France in a number of areas of medical research. Montpellier also excels in life sciences, agricultural sciences, plant biotechnology and new information technologies.

The city holds the oldest botanical garden of France and one of the oldest in Europe associated with a famous herbarium. The garden was founded in 1593 by Henri the VIth to educate several generations of medical doctors and apothecaries. Throughout the 17th and the 18th centuries, several famous naturalist doctors like Guillaume Rondelet, Pierre Magnol and François Boissier de Sauvages began to forge the worldwide reputation of Montpellier as a “city of botany” that still prevails up until today.