Documents partagés post-congrès

La compilation des actes du congrès est en cours.

Allocution d’ouverture (en français) par Madame Monique Barbut, Directrice Générale et Présidente du Fonds pour l’Environnement Mondial (GEF)

Allocution d’ouverture
(en anglais) par Madame Meriem Bouamrane, Programme MAB de l’Unesco (Division des Sciences Écologiques et de la Terre

Session S01:
Acting for sustainable development: sharing experience and insights from the world network of biosphere reserves (UNESCO).
CISE2012_S01_Barret: La contribution des savoirs écologiques locaux à la gestion durable des ressources : exemple en Europe
CISE2012_S01_Benessaiah: Indigenous and scientific agricultural knowledge articulations in the Moroccan Oasis du Sud Biosphère reserve
CISE2012_S01_Bousquet: Comparing perceptions of nature in Camargue through the local feasts study
CISE2012_S01_Heckler: Local and indigenous knowledge systems programme
CISE2012_S01_Mathevet_et_al: Ecological solidarity: reconnecting people to the biosphere
CISE2012_S01_Mitroi: Changing through nature. The integration of society and nature in the post-communist societies transition. The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve case
CISE2012_S01_Sabinot_Doyon: The social construction of Yucatan’s Biosphere Reserves, Mexico: Global contexts and local interpretations

Session S02:
Conservation and the sense of belonging in nature: a reflection on the proper place of humans in nature.
CISE2012_S02_Alexiades_Laird: Overview
CISE2012_S02_Cortes: Land-use management and the idea of nature in Southern European protected areas. Lessons from the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park
CISE2012_S02_Frazao-Moreira: Narratives of “Belonging in Nature” in Gorongosa (Mozambique)
CISE2012_S02_Lhoutellier: La place de la forêt dans le “théâtre” des projets de conservation à Madagascar : Médiation et construction d’une bio-culture
CISE2012_S02_Martin: Conflit de natures, le cas de l’ours des Pyrénées
CISE2012_S02_Rosso-Londono_et_al: Belarmino and the butterflies: (dis)encounters between culture, research, and development in Colombian Vaupés; Watch the PREZI presentation here
CISE2012_S02_Therville_et_al: Unterstanding institutional arrangements within French Nature Reserve System: Looking for integrated conservation and development achievements

Session S04: Stories from the ancestors: uncertainty and resilience in a vulnerable world.
View, share, and download the 8 mn video report here
Open-access Wikiversity page Traditional Stories and Interactive Storytelling accessible here

Session S05: Tree domestication and dynamic linkages between tree crops and their wild or feral relatives, in ancient and present agroecosystems.
Proceedings: exploring the possibility of a book to be published by Berghahn Books (Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology series)

Session S06: Speaking of odors: Mutual understanding in the context of culture contact.
Proceedings: Book “Speaking of odors: a cross linguistic/cultural survey” to be published in Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Session S07:
Ethnobiology to the test of urban nature.
Proceedings: negotiations in progress with potential publishers

Session S10: Conservation through diffusion: Toward innovative models at the interface of formal and informal seed systems.
CISE2012_S10_Santilli: Agrobiodiversité et lois de semences au Brésil

Session S12: Environmental norms,
mobility and biodiversity management in Amazonia.
Proceedings: Special issue in a peer-reviewed journal
CISE2012_S12_Eloy_Emperaire: From life history to legal norms: transformations f indigenous agricultural system (Rio Negro, Amazonas)
CISE2012_S12_Nasuti_et_al: Land tenure security, rural-urban mobility, and resource management in a quilombola territory (Trombetas river Pará, Brazil)
CISE2012_S12_Tritsch_et_al: Land use strategies vs. environmental policies: the case of the Wayãpis and the Tekos in French Guiana

Session S15: Ethnobotany of climate change in the Eastern Himalaya.
Proceedings: Selection of papers for a special issue on climate change in the American Journal of Botany

Session S16: Traditional ecological knowledge and resilience in the context of global environmental change.
Proceedings: special issue in Ecology and Society
CISE2012_S16_Boissiere_et_al: Local community perceptions of change and climate variability in tropical forests of Papua (Indonesia)

Session S17: Birds and people – research from four continents.
Proceedings: edited book
CISE2012_S17_Martinez-Mauri: The birds of Kuna Yala (Panama): Inventory, ethnotaxonomy and tourism
CISE2012_S17_Ratcliffe_et_al: Exploring perceptions of birdsong as a restorative stimulus
CISE2012_S17_Sasaoka_Laumonier: A ‘mildy interdependent relationship’ between local people and a protected wild parrot species through indigenous arboriculture

Session S18: Maintaining resources for traditional medicine – knowledge transmission and conservation of medicinal plants.
Proceedings: report for IUCN Medicinal Plants Species group
CISE2012_S18_poster_Montanari: Erosion of traditional herbal knowledge: the case of a Berber community in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco

Session S22:
Traditional ecological knowledge related to vegetation and habitats.
Proceedings: book on landscape
CISE2012_S22_Anderson: Landscape in two languages: Yucatec Maya vegetation and ecotype terms in Quintana Roo
CISE2012_S22_Babai: Traditional knowledge on habitats in an alpine landscape (Gyimes, Romania)
CISE2012_S22_Camacho_et_al: Communitiy-based studies of territory and habitats to support traditional management and biodiversity conservation in a Chinantec community in northern Oaxaca, Mexico
CISE2012_S22_Clark_et_al: Nunatsiavut, “Our beautiful land”: Inuit landscape perception in the Eastern Canadian Arctic
CISE2012_S22_Johnson: Indigenous concepts of habitat and vegetation in Northwestern North America
CISE2012_S22_Mark: Ontology of vegetation and habitats across spatial scales: Conceptualization of individuals and aggregates
CISE2012_S22_Massamba_et_al: Water related habitats in Libyan Sahara desert: Kel Tadrart Tuareg knowledge
CISE2012_S22_Molnar: “It does matter who leans on the stick!” Herders’ habitat/vegetation knowledge in a salt steppe (Hungary)
CISE2012_S22_Shepard: Indigenous landscape taxonomies in Amazonia
CISE2012_S22_Stenner: Traditional landscape management in the Andes: Linking wild and cultivated species through the ayllu and muyuy

Session S23:
Remembering Darrell Posey: Traditional resource rights today.
Proceedings: book on traditional resource rights

Session S25: La investigación científica y el fortalecimiento de la medicina tradicional y la salud intercultural: Evaluando impactos y potencialidades en Latinoamérica.
CISE2012_S25-Lacaze_Alexiades: Overview
CISE2012_S25_Lacaze: Investigacin y medicina tradicional indgena
CISE2012_S25_Hersch_et_al: Epidemiología sociocultural: referente operativo en el estudio de los saberes locales relacionados con la salud-enfermedad y la atención-desatención. Una experiencia aplicada en dos municipios de Oaxaca y Guerrero, México.
CISE2012_S25_Hernandez: El ejercicio de la medicina tradicional en la Huasteca Naua, México: El caso de las parteras y sus efectos en la población indígena (México)
CISE2012_S25_Barbira-Freedman: Dynamic Conservation of Traditional Midwifery: Paths of research and practice
CISE2012_S25_Lacaze_Mesa_Redonda: Resumen de la Mesa Redonda con algunas reflexiones posteriores
Video: La investigación científica y el fortalecimiento de la medicina tradicional y la salud intercultural

Session S26: Juridical session on biodiversity and law.
Proceedings: edited book

Session S29:
Success and challenges in the development of improved traditional medicines.
Proceedings: Special issue in Health Sciences and Disease

Session S36: Collaborative research, Indigenous knowledge exchange and data management regarding logging, mining, tourism, climate change and local livelihoods in Northern regions.

CISE2012_S36_Bhiry: Climate change and wood use by Inui of Nunavik and Nunatsiavut (Canada) since the Little Ice Age (1500-1870)
CISE2012_S36_Blangy: From knowledge to action in northern indigenous communities: collaborative research
CISE2012_S36_Gaisi: How Moskaluokta became Lakselvbukt (change of identity, language, and land use)
CISE2012_S36_Riseth: Sámi modernity and theoretical knowledge of reindeer management. A reflection over knowledge encounters
CISE2012_S36_Turner_Wilson: Loss of a plant: Cultural and ecological effects — a case study from Haida Gwaii
CISE2012_S36_Wilson_Martin: Change at the edge

Session S39: Historical ecology and legitimacy of customary rights to forest resources.
CISE2012_S39_Kimura: The role of oil palm in tropical Africa — A case study of the usage of palm wine in southern Cameroon
CISE2012_S39_Shikata _Yasuoka: Abandonment of cacao agroforest: Integrating commercial cacao farming into traditional shifting cultivation is southeastern Cameroon
CISE2012_S39_Sakanashi: Historical change of forest use and land right. The case of Wamba region, DR-Congo

Session S40:
Ethnothalassic interactions.
Proceedings: a journal article in Ethnobiology Letters

Session S41: From the forest and further: Forest product value chains.

CISE2012_S41_Chupin_et_al: Pitfalls of the sustainable regeneration of Centella asiatica in Madagascar: A global value chain depending on poverty
CISE2012_S41_Ingram: Gender and NTFP chains in the Congo Basin
CISE2012_S41_Nkuinkeu_et_al: Integrating customary and statutory systems: How user right in practice cowld lead to the economic empowerment of community based organizations, the case of Mount Cameroon Prunus management (MOCAP) in the South-West region of Cameroon
CISE2012_S41_Virapongse: Socioeconomic complexity of the buriti value chain in Maranhão, Brazil
CISE2012_S41_Wiersum: Governing NTFP value addition chains: Balancing access to resources and markets
CISE2012_S41_Wynberg: Governance of wild product value chains in Southern Africa

Session S43: Assessing the effectiveness of community-based management strategies: concepts and methods for biocultural diversity conservation.

CISE2012_S43_Bandeira_et_al: Impact of change in land use and traditional knowledge on natural resource management
CISE2012_S43_Bouma_et_al: Assessing the effectiveness of community-based management strategies: Conditions for self-enforcement and effective co-management
CISE2012_S43_Corbera_et_al: Conservation for resilient and adaptive livelihoods
CISE2012_S43_Martin_et_al: Community-based research, mutual learning and participatory dissemination
CISE2012_S43_Porter-Bolland_et_al: Biological diversity analysis and its implementation for community-based monitoring
CISE2012_S43_Tschirhart_et_al: Local solutions for future challenges: the COBRA project (Community Owned Best Practice for Sustainable Resources Adaptive Management in the Guiana Shield, South America), an innovative framework for the viability of indigenous communities
CISE2012_S43_Van Opstal: Biocultural diversity, community-based conservation and sustainability assessment. A comparative anthropological perspective
CISE2012_S43_Yuliani_et_al: From indigenous people’s rights to natural resource management: questions of sustainability, livelihoods improvement and equity

Session S44: Conservation by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities: Advances in Participatory Action Research, Dissemination and Advocacy.
Proceedings: a report combining the pre-congress workshop on conservation by indigenous peoples and local communities + indigenous forum + session S44

Download the workshop report (English / Francais)