Sessions scientifiques

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Les sessions scientifiques sont réparties sur 3 lieux du centre historique de Montpellier (voir le
programme scientifique provisoire pour plus d’informations sur la date, le lieu et l’heure de chaque session) :

- Le Corum palais des Congrès : 4 salles du 21 au 25 mai
- La Faculté de droit de Montpellier : 2 amphithéâtres du 24 au 25 mai
- L’Institut de Botanique : 1 amphithéâtre du 24 au 25 mai

S00_groups_1_2          MILLER Jack          General session: Advances in ethnobiology. Group 1: Traditional Ecological Knowledge, livelihoods, and natural resource management.

S00_groups_1_2          STEPHENSON Dave          General session: Advances in ethnobiology. Group 2: Traditional Ecological Knowledge and food systems.

S00_groups_3_4          CUERRIER Alain          General session: Advances in ethnobiology. Group 3: Traditional Ecological Knowledge, ethnobotany, and ethnomedicine.

S00_groups_3_4          PURI Rajindra          General session: Advances in ethnobiology. Group 4: Ethnobiodiverse.

S01          BOUAMRANE Meriem         Acting for sustainable development: sharing experience and insights from the world network of biosphere reserves (UNESCO).

S02          ALEXIADES Miguel          Conservation and the sense of belonging in nature: a reflection on the proper place of humans in nature.

S03          ARNOULD Corinne          From indigenous people’s ways of life and practices to the co-creation of sustainable land management tools.

S04          ATHAYDE Simone          Stories from the ancestors: uncertainty and resilience in a vulnerable world.

S05          AUMEERUDDY-THOMAS Yildiz          Tree domestication and dynamic linkages between tree crops and their wild or feral relatives, in ancient and present agroecosystems.
Proceedings: exploring the possibility of a book to be published by Berghahn Books (Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology series)

S06          BARKAT-DEFRADAS Melissa          Speaking of odors: Mutual understanding in the context of culture contact.
Proceedings: Book “Speaking of odors: a cross linguistic/cultural survey” to be published in Cambridge Scholars Publishing

S07          BARTHÉLÉMY Carole          Ethnobiology to the test of urban nature.
Proceedings: negotiations in progress with potential publishers

S08          BERRIANE Mohamed          Local populations confronted with societal changes of tourisms.

S10          CAILLON Sophie          Conservation through diffusion: Toward innovative models at the interface of formal and informal seed systems.

S11          DAVIDSON-HUNT Iain          Exploring the linkages between biodiversity, rural food systems and institutions within diverse landscapes.

S12          ELOY Ludivine          Environmental norms, mobility and biodiversity management in Amazonia.
Proceedings: Special issue in a peer-reviewed journal

FORBES Susan          Indigenous resource management – customary practice and contemporary management.
Now incorporated in the Indigenous Forum programme

S15          GHIMIRE Suresh          Ethnobotany of climate change in the Eastern Himalaya.
Proceedings: Special issue on climate change in the American Journal of Botany

S16          GOMEZ BAGGETHUN Erik Nicolas          Traditional ecological knowledge and resilience in the context of global environmental change.
Proceedings: special issue in Ecology and Society

S17          GOSFORD Bob          Birds and people – research from four continents.
Proceedings: edited book
S18          HAMILTON Alan          Maintaining resources for traditional medicine – knowledge transmission and conservation of medicinal plants.
Proceedings: report for IUCN Medicinal Plants Species group

S20          HESS Sabine          Interacting in the field. Learning to relate and navigating knowledge transmission.

S21          HOWARD Patricia          How do humans adapt to biodiversity change?

S22          JOHNSON Leslie          Traditional ecological knowledge related to vegetation and habitats.
Proceedings: book on landscape

S23          JONAS Harry          Remembering Darrell Posey: Traditional resource rights today.
Proceedings: book on traditional resource rights

S24          KATZ Esther          Historical and contemporary changes in importance of food plant use.

S25          LACAZE Didier          La investigación científica y el fortalecimiento de la medicina tradicional y la salud intercultural: Evaluando impactos y potencialidades en Latinoamérica.

S26          MALLET-POUJOL Nathalie          Juridical session on biodiversity and law.
Proceedings: edited book
Download the S26_specific_announcement

S27          MARTIN Gary          Why do we value diversity? A dialogue on the definitions, implications and uses of bicultural diversity

S28          McKEY Doyle           Social networks of seed exchange and agrobiodiversity. An interdisciplinary method for analyzing how local seed systems impact the diversity of domesticated plants.

S29          MOTTE-FLORAC Élisabeth          Success and challenges in the development of improved traditional medicines.
Proceedings: Special issue in Health Sciences and Disease

S32          ROUÉ Marie          Coproduction of knowledge: A new relationship between science and traditional knowledge?

S33          WAGNER Gail          Teaching and learning through ethnobiology.
Proceedings: Special issue in a peer-reviewed journal

S34          CHUN-CHIE CHI          Integration of Indigenous and Biocultural Practices into Academia, Training and Development.

S35          WILD Robert          Sacred lands - dynamic archetypes for changing times.
Proceedings: online publication

S36          BLANGY Sylvie         Collaborative research, Indigenous knowledge exchange and data management regarding logging, mining, tourism, climate change and local livelihoods in Northern regions.

S37          WYNDHAM Felice          Ecologies of knowing the biological world.

S38          XUE Dayuan          Promoting the development of ethnobiology via international collaborations, lessons from China.

S39          YASUOKA Hirokazu          Historical ecology and legitimacy of customary rights to forest resources.

S40          DE WIT Rutger          Ethnothalassic interactions.
Proceedings: a journal article in Ethnobiology Letters

S41          INGRAM Verina          From the forest and further: Forest product value chains.
Proceedings: special issue in Forests Trees and Livelihoods

S42          WYNBERG Rachel          Effective and equitable law and policy for non-timber forest products.

S43         CARUSO Emily          Assessing the effectiveness of community-based management strategies: concepts and methods for biocultural diversity conservation

S44         CHATELAIN Christian          Conservation by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities: Advances in Participatory Action Research, Dissemination and Advocacy
Proceedings: a report combining the pees-congress workshop on conservation by indigenous peoples and local communities + indigenous forum + session S44